To my Tribute to Lynn Rose

One of the main reasons I started genealogy was to find my sister who had been adopted out as a very young child. As a young child I had dreamed of having a sister. I had a older half brother and when I became a teenager he left home. He told me he was going to look for his  sister. His mother had told him that she was his full sister. That made her my half-sister. Our brother was killed not long after that.  I took over the search after I married..  

I searched for almost 30 years..  She was the one who found us..  She was with us for 2 years before she died.

Her mother and her mother's mother both died young of cancer. My sister had out lived them both..

Her voice sounded like our mutual Granmother's voice. There was also things she did that   reminded me of our Grandmother. Lynn never met our Grandmother. Lynn even called my daughter Dawn 'Sister Sue'. The name our Grandmother called me. I was not the only one to notice these things. Lynn stood 5'2" our Grandmother just 5'.

When Lynn decided to legally change her name she wanted a different middle name. I decided that Rose was fitting as that was the name of our Grandmother.

She was a florist at one time. She had a large garden and was set up to feed birds of all kinds. She lived in Alabama so she had flowers all year round. I have never seen before or after such an array of different kind and types of birds. She loved the Hummingbird most of all.

They were only 2 years but they were quality time we had together..  We connected over the phone. Seemed as if we knew each other all of our lives.  It is hard to explain how close we became.. We could read each others thoughts.

Our First Christmas together was so Special

I had these sweatshirts made especially for us.


I gave her this set of pictures and the Bronzed Baby shoe of our Brother. Which is one of a pair of bookends. I also gave her her Family Tree Book, which I researched.

She gave me this Beautiful China Doll. To replace the one I had and accidentally broke as a child.

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Family Reunited


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