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Updated November 2012


Page 1: My family and me.


Page 2: The Grand kids!!!


Page 3 : The Great-grand kids!!!


Genealogy Pictures



Page 4: My Parents and My Siblings  

Page 5: Jim's Parents and His Siblings




Page  6: My Dad's Parents and Siblings


Page  7: My Mother's Parents and Siblings


Page  8: Jim's Dads Mother and family  
Page  9: Jim's Mother's Parents Gray Family




Page 10: Granville Whisenand and Family


Page 11: William Callaway Family

Page 12: My Mother's Grandfather Josiah H. Soll

Page 13: Arthur Warren and Charlotte Lewis


2nd Great-Grandparents

Page 14: Thomas Willis Fields Family

Page 15: Josiah Soll

Page 16: Jonathan Welch  

3rd Great-Grandparents

Page 17: Driskell - Nicholson


Page 18: Saunders Family


Page 19: John Whisennand Family


Scrapebook -Tribute Pages - Dedicated

Page 20: Pictures and story of a Reunited Family


Page 21: My Tribute to Lynn


Page 22:  More About Lynn


Page 23: Dedicated to the memory of my mother

Page 23:  Dedicated to Mothers, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers


Page 24: For Me from my Dear friend Teresa  
Page 25: Whitlock Car  
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