These are our lovely Grandchildren

Isn't having grandchildren the best!  My husband enjoyed them so much he said why didn't we have them first!

The lower part of this page updated Nov 2012

These are pictures with my husband and the only grandchildren he lived to see.

 Dwan and Jim

Jim and Chelsea

Sarah and Jim

Lynn and Jim

These are arranged by birth of my children

Updated November 2012


These cousins got together in July of 2006

Xander - Chelsea - Sarah - Abby

First is our son's children.



Dwan LaFern

(mother of 3 of our great grandchildren)





(who was an Uncle of two when he was born LOL)


Step-son of my son.


Then come the daughters of my oldest daughter.    



Chelsea Leigh

Sarah Lynn

This is my middle daughter's children.

Lynn Marie

Mother of my fourth great-grandchild


  B J

His mother doesn't want his picture up on the web



These are the children of my youngest daughter.

These are Biblical names.


Julia Keturah Kezia


James Alexander

Abigail Rose
Julia Kyria
Hannah Keturah
Hadassah Kezia


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