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Some of Our Family 1997

1996 Our Family
Back row:  
Daughter Dannette is holding her daughter Lynn Marie. Dannette's husband Jason. Me, Shirl, I am holding our puppy Count Doctor Pepper.  Our daughter Dawn, her husband James. Jim my husband.
In front:
My cousin Bruce who lives with us.
This was taken 4 Jan 1997 in Alabama as we gathered for Christmas and Jim's birthday. James passed away Sept 4 1999, this was the last family portrait with my husband.

Some of Our Family 2012
You can see Dawn is pregnant with the twins

Sarah, Rochelle, Deirdre, Me, Chelsea, Dawn, with Julia.
Front Abigail and Xander.

Sarah, Rochelle (a very good friend of the family) Deirdre, Richard, Chelsea, Dawn with Julia.  Abigail in front and Xander on the side.
Chelsea, Deirdre, Sarah, Me, Julie with daddy James.
Dawn, Xander, Abigail.

Aleta and my son David
David was killed in a motorcyle accident in 2007

 Son in law Richard daughter Deirdre
Son in law Joel, Lynn, daughter Dannette
Daughter Dawn and son in law James

Cousin Bruce's 66th birthday!

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