To My Alabama Kinchaser's Genealogy Office on the web.
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I have helps, surnames, ancestor stories links and some mysteries.  We genealogist just love mysteries!

As you can see I am busy doing things on the computer! Be it surfing the web for more information or working on my web pages.

I have been doing genealogy for 35+ years. Long before the computer got into the business! Why we use to have to send off more letters snail mail and hope and pray for a reply. Everything had to be entered in by pencil until it was documented!  If we sent out 40 or more letters we were lucky if we got one or two replies. Now with the computer that has all changed to the other side of the coin. 

Some changes I don't like is that a lot of the time the surnames are not all caps. I feel it is so much easier to find them in the text if they are all caps like we use to have.

November 2005, I am in the process of moving all my sites to my domain. I have gotten so tired of the pop ups! Here you will have no pop ups!

I have currently 128 surname pages, plus link pages, mystery pages, genealogy help pages and family or just general ancestor stories. I also have several Sandra Gorin genealogy helps and fun pages. Used with her permission of course. That is a lot of pages to keep my eye on, so if something is amiss please let me know. I have  other pages for a Victorian Manor, Grandmother's House, Photo album, Memorials and ones for Fibromyalgia.

I have updated some surnames and added some new ones in this move. Some information is yet to be documented. People send me information and I try to document it, sometimes there is not enough time to do so and I put it out for others to see and let me know if it is true or not.

Not all surnames in my data base are online, maybe just a mention. I have tried to keep it to my direct line only as to do other wise would take up more room. Also I put these in book registry form I find it is easier to follow.

If you find a link that does not work please let me know. I hope I can help you in some small way. I feel if we  help each other that way things will get solved much more then doing it on our own.
Check out Family History Page dedicated to the Christmas, Stewart and Susong Groups along with all my 'cuzzies' I have met doing genealogy. Also to all the relatives I would have not met otherwise.  This is my Family Photo Album part of my site. There are ancestor pictures there also.
My Photo Album Cover
I have tried not to put up any living people on my pages. If you find anyone that is there and living. Please let me know and I will remove them immediately!
This site shows respect for living relatives by not posting their personal information
Chris Stern who has done some lovely genealogy graphics took the site down in protest of finding their name on the web at Rootsweb.
I wish my own office looked this neat. LOL It has been a job trying to redo over 100 pages and adding some more.
I use to use Netscape composer but found not all browsers are compatible with it. After some looking around and trying several different programs I finally settled on FrontPage and Webpage Maker see my links page.  Right now the link will take you to their web site. I find it an easy program to use. There are some draw backs that I would like to do but over all it is the best program out there for the money. For some pages I have used FrontPage, because of the draw backs in Webpage Maker, like the multiple background ones. Sometimes I edit the html in Notepad.

I use to use html to make a page but since 2003 my Fibromyalgia Syndrome  and Fibro Frog seems to have taken that power from me. If you want to know more about Fibromyalgia Syndrome go to my Gentle Hugs web pages. In 1999 my husband of 39 yrs 2 days passed away. I put up genealogy for a while. Then I moved from Nebraska to Alabama and have not had the room to put out all my files. I hope to go through them and put them all on CD-ROMS. Isn't computing a boom to genealogy? Think of all the trees we will save and the room in the filing system!

Now speaking of documentation, I have a lot of documents information not entered into the computer at this time. I have been trying to correct this. When I first started on the computer my husband was worried about the space all this was taking up! Come to find out, it wasn't the text files taking up all the space.  Oh well, it keeps me busy now. Now that I had to retire.

I use RootsMagic put out by the same people who put out Family Origins several years ago. Family Origins was my second genealogy program . I like these two programs much better then the rest on the market and I have tried most of them.
When ever you see 'Home' on any of my Genealogy pages the link will bring you back here. I have several pages for you to visit. So check out my site map link.
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This will take you to my Library where you will find some stories and genealogy helps. I have written some of the stories and some are from family members. There are some genealogy helps and stories are written/copyrighted by Sandra K Gorin, who gave me permission to use them.  Thank you very much Sandra.
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In other words my Surname Index.
This is my
Family Photo Album
with some pictures of ancestors too.
Graphics by Shawna
Record pages coming soon.