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In Loving Memory of My Mother
Hilda Frieda Kruse Whisenand

My Mother was a very special 'Lady' in every sense of the word.

Hilda Frieda Kruse was born 29 Jan 1903. Her twin Sister was Hulda Marie. They were born in Minnesota. Their parents were John Clause Kruse and Elizabeth Soll. They were both born in Germany.  The family soon after moved back to Nebraska where Elizabeth grew up. Not long after that Grandpa John passed away. Leaving Grandma Lizzie to raise 7 children. Soon the youngest son passed away.

They had maybe if lucky 2 pairs of shoes a year. Mostly they were for wearing to Church and School.  They lived on a farm. Mother went to school until the eighth grade. There was a measles epidemic and they closed the school. Mother never went back. She went to the city and became a maid. Sending money home for the family and going to beauty school. Soon her twin Sister joined her. After finishing Beauty School they opened their own shop, The Twin Sister's Beauty Shop.

My Dad met my mother in 1940, he says it took him over a year to convince her to marry him. I came along in 1942.

My Mother made my clothes from sugar sacks.  Most kids clothes were made that way then. My Mother was a Seamstress besides a Beauty Operator. She also cooked and baked from scratch. She made the old fashion pies, flaky crust. I never did get the knack of doing that. She made my clothes in High School. Poodle shirts and Pendelton wool clothes. She also made her own formals and sometimes she did it for friends.

She would take in relatives that needed help. She took in my Dad's parents to make their home with us. The same was done for my Brother Billy, from my Dad's previous marriage. She would have done that for my Sister Lynn Rose had she known about her. She took in her sister's husband when he became seriously ill along with a sister-in-law.

My Mother loved animals and went along with all the pets I had. Even after finding my pet hamster GusGus in her shoe one morning. She went on camp outs with the Girl Scouts. Not an easy task for a woman in her 50's. She worked full time as a Beautician and still found time for me.

Her hobby was bowling. She was on several teams, woman and mixed ones with my dad.

Christmas being her favorite holiday, she took time to make several different kinds of cookies and treats.  She also loved to wrap the gifts, making special bows for each one.

Mother 1944
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