A Family Reunited 

This newspaper article appeared Monday, Sept. 23, 1991. The picture was taken on the front porch of my home 22 Sept 1991.  The article was written by Doug Isakson a Tribune Reporter. 

We gathered the family together to introduce Lynn my sister to the rest of the family. She had been put up for adoption in the late 1930's. My father at that time did not know she was his daughter.. I knew of Lynn from the time I could walk. I had heard the story of her and my brother Billy. I kind of started Genealogy in an effort to find her. As the old song goes "I searched, searched till you found me". She is the one who found us. It took a while to convince my Dad that she was his as he had been told she was not his all those many years ago.. 

Sorry to say we only had 2 years together as Lynn passed away a year and a month after the picture above was taken.. We had quality time in those 2 years. We miss her, but we thank God for allowing us to get to know her...... 


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