Dedicated to the memory of all who lost their lives
in the Tsunami Disaster.....

God Is Stronger...

By Susy Taylor

One moment all was calm and clear,
With sounds of laughing children near;
The ocean's waves caressed the shore,
While overhead the gulls would soar.
A pair of lovers, hand-in-hand,
Were planting footprints in the sand.
And out at sea, their silhouettes
Betrayed the men who worked their nets.
So quiet and serene the sky;
No warning things would go awry.
Those laughing children once so near
Would suddenly just disappear.
For, as their parents watched them play
The ocean swept them all away;
And what was once a thriving place
Just disappeared without a trace.
The ocean washed away the prints
Of all those years of innocence.
Those laughing children play no more
Upon that barren, empty shore.
But in a time not far ahead
Our God will call out to the dead;
Then, up they'll rise, for all to see
That God is stronger than the sea!

This poem was written by my friend

Susy Taylor


Please respect her writings, if you want to use it please e-mail her or just let her know you like it.


Photograph ©Until Then Graphics