I would like for you to meet two very special ladies. They  
helped me to design and build Cameo Manor. I dedicate this page to them.

First came Lady Teresa of Symphony Designs. She is a great person. She had some great background sets. She and her husband have raised Arabian Horses. She has given up her graphics.  I hear from her from time to time.

Then came Lady Liz of Icon Designs. She had lots of Victorian graphics along with Calling Cards. She is a very special Christian Lady.  The Ladies at Tea here was her web site. She had to give up her graphics and computer as her health has declined we have lost touch and she is in my prayers. Hope you will back online soon.

Getting to know these two ladies has been the greatest. It really took us back to more carefree times. We felt like we were kids again playing house and having tea parties.

They both were a great support to me when my husband passed away.

This picture also from Lady Liz. (Boy wish I looked this good.)

Sept 2011 I have up dated this page.

Teresa made a special page for me. She gave me permission to keep it and put it on the web.  Thank You ever so much Teresa. Click on the button to the left to see it.