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Oct  2005
I am working to see if this Stewart is connected to Stewart 1 and/or Stewart 2. Would be neat if they all did.

Stewart 1 (John B Stewart (1)) are on my side of the family.

Please let me know if you have any information regarding these lines.


1.  Thomas STEWART was born in Glenturk, Scotland.1  He died in Scotland.

He was married to Agnes DUNBAR (daughter of Sir David DUNBAR  and Unknown (nee?) DUNBAR ) in Scotland.  Thomas STEWART and Agnes DUNBAR had the following children:

  •        +2        i.        Agnes STEWART.


2.  Agnes STEWART died 6 Jun 1719 soon after.  She was born in Scotland.

She was married to John STEWART (son of Alexander STEWART and Elizabeth WARDLAW (this is Stewart Line 2 ) in 1688 in Scotland.  John STEWART was born between 1640 and 1660 in Physgill, Scotland.  He died on 13 Aug 1719 in Scotland.  Agnes STEWART and John STEWART had the following children:

  •        +3        i.        Elizabeth STUART (STEWART).



4.  Elizabeth STUART (STEWART) died 13 Aug 1719 bf in Scotland.1  She was born in Physgill, Scotland.

She was married to Patrick COLTRANE (son of William COLTRANE  and Agnes RAMSAY) in 1702 in Scotland.  I have 1702 as marriage year while Don W. JOHNSTON has 1700.  Patrick COLTRANE2 was born in 1685 in Wigton, Scotland.  He died bf 1719 in Whithorn, Scotland.  I have 1685 as birth year while Don W. JOHNSTON has 1680 as a birth year. This Patrick (grandson of the first Patrick Coltrane) is the father of David, the first Coltrane to settle in America. Patrick held "seizin" of the lands of Meikle Arrow on August 16, 1710. He married Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of John Stewart of Physgill, Scotland.   Elizabeth STUART (STEWART) and Patrick COLTRANE had the following children:

  •        +5        i.        John COLTRANE.
  •        6        ii.        Henrietta COLTRANE. 
  •        7        iii.        Patrick COLTRANE II. 
  •        +8        iv.        David COLTRANE.


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