Taylor Line
First Generation

1.  Robert TAYLOR was born date unknown.

Mary HAYES was born date unknown.  Robert TAYLOR and Mary HAYES had the following children:

Second Generation

2.  Alice TAYLOR was born about 1662 in Cheshire Co., England.  She died in 1722 in Salem Co., NJ.

Alice TAYLOR and Robert WORTHINGTON were married about 1686 in Cheshire Co., England.  Robert WORTHINGTON (son of John WORTHINGTON and Mary OWEN) was born about 1663 in Quarrel Bank, Pownall Fee, Cheshire, England.  He died in 1735 in Patuxent, Ann Arandel Co., MD.  He lived Orange Co., VA in Orange Co., VA in 1735.  He Lived  Alice TAYLOR and Robert WORTHINGTON had the following children:

Third Generation

3.  Samuel WORTHINGTON was born on 31 Oct 1687 in Morley, Cheshire, England.  Hemoved toin 1712  He died in 1739 in Orange Co., VA.

Samuel WORTHINGTON and Sarah SIMCOCK were married on 29 Oct 1716.  Sarah SIMCOCK was born on 7 Aug 1696.

4.  Jacob WORTHINGTON was born on 24 Mar 1695 in Ballinakill, West Meath, Ireland.  He died in 1748 in Federick Co., VA.

Jacob WORTHINGTON and Abigail BORDEN were married about 1735.  Abigail BORDEN (daughter of Benjamin BORDEN Jr and Zeruiah WINTER) was born in 1703 in Monmouth, New Jersey.  Jacob WORTHINGTON and Abigail BORDEN had the following children:

5.  Ephraim WORTHINGTON was born on 11 Dec 1697 in Ballinakill, West Meath, Ireland.

Ephraim WORTHINGTON and Eliz BRICK were married in Nov 1722.  Eliz BRICK was born date unknown.

6.  Esther WORTHINGTON was born on 15 Dec 1702 in Ballinakill, West Meath, Ireland.

Esther WORTHINGTON and Renier LOWDEN were married.  Renier LOWDEN was born date unknown.

Esther WORTHINGTON and Arthur BLACKBURN were married.  Arthur BLACKBURN was born date unknown.
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