It is fall and you know what that means it is time to rake the leaves. Just smell the crisp clean air. Come on we have a lot to do. We will get them all into a pile. Now don't dawdle it will soon be done then the real fun can begin. What a great time we will have.


Don't they sound nice, the crackling and the rustling. When it is all piled up we can jump in them, roll around them. We will have leaves in our hair! Oh what fun!

Soon it will be dusk then we can have our bonfire. Dad is the only one who can light the bonfire. So don't even ask if you can do it. Here is Mom with the food. The food always taste better after a day of work, play and cooked over the fire!

Can't you just smell the leaves burning. There is just a chill in the air. Now is the time for our sticks! Here is a wiener for you, pierce it with the stick. Now don't get too close to the fire. Turn your wiener so it won't burn. Now for the marshmallows! You can put them right on your stick! Don't leave them too long over the fire they will fall off the stick! You can have them with smores if you would like. I like mine just slightly brown and right off the stick!

Oh the memories of Fall. Now we can't burn the leaves. Here in Alabama occassionally you will smell burning leaves and it takes me back to my childhood in Nebraska.

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