Ode to the Outhouse


It was there in the dark of the night. 
In the rain and snow. 
In the blizzard you could rely on it being at the end of the rope.
It never complained, though sometimes it had good reason to.
It was usually the last building to be painted, if painted at all.
It was the blunt of a many a joke.
Beit name calling, the Little House, the Privy, the Whitehorse, the Little Whitehouse,  the John or Aunt So 'n So.
Be it physical, tipping or moving so the hole was in front of the door.
I seen one, one day after Halloween in the middle of town. 
Funny thing though they tended to all look alike,  but everyone knew to whom it belonged to.
It was the start of recycling. We used the Sears Catalog and other types of paper. Sometimes they were one, two, and three holers!
Though it was home to the spiders (shivers here).
Cold and splintery to sit upon.
It still had to be visited.
But through it all it was there for us when we needed it.
Our unsung hero of the past.

Shirl McNeely

©1998 - 2006 and beyond©

You are probably wondering where and how did she come up with this crazy idea.
One evening about 6 year ago I was going over the e-mail I received on this one list I belonged to. We had been talking about things in the past, bringing back old memories. When I opened this letter and that got me to thinking, {my husband said that is a bad thing, me thinking}. What Victorian home would be complete with out one? Now I live in the country and I don't have one at this time but I sure remember then.

My next page you will see some crazy ones, expensive one, and even a place that has outhouse races every year!

So please go to my next page!  I am sure you will enjoy it. It was the first one I put up oh say about 1999. I completely updated it and have some new links to replace the ones no longer on the web. It may take a while to load as there are a lot of graphics on it.

This one I am doing in the year 2005 soon to be 2006!

©Dec 12, 2003 

The Sad looking out house I found on the web, the two holer was on stationery I brought years ago.

The Lady Typer I found at: