First I had to sell my almost 100 year old home.

Then find a new house.

This was taken on Jan 2001 after the snowstorm here before I moved in. No power hook up or septic tank put in yet.

After I brought my home I had to find a place to put it these are pictures of what it looked like before the work began.



Then my daughter and son-in-law went to work clearing the land. I rent 1 acre of land with option to buy 2 acres if my landlord decides to sell. It is part of a 4 acre section of land. I live as you can see in the woods... About 6 3/4 mile from town.


My home today just click on the first lane off the payment......

You are looking back to the payment or Azelea Rd.

The lane you are looking at is wide enough for only one car. It continues on to my closest neighbor off to the right in the picture.