I dedicate this page to my Dad and 2 Uncles who fought in the WWII
My Dad is first, Clarence, his brother Vic and their brother Bob.


The softness of their eyes
The way they loved us so
Tears they shed before us
When time for them to go

How proud to wear their hearts
Upon their chest and sleeves
Serving God and country
So many souls received

Fought with pride and honor
So fearless through the night
Stars above were twinkling
They fought with all their might

So proud of what they gave us
Sweet victory for all
Battled with great glory
So many to recall

Brave and fearless glory
What better lesson sought
Power to one nation
All our soldiers brought

Never will forget them
Those we left behind
Names forever honored
Each gift of life that binds

Praise to all our soldiers
Who fought for liberty
With loyal brave emotions
So we can all be free

Step up upon the mountain
Wave up to the sky
Closer to the heavens
Our soldiers battle cry

Freedom now forever
With love this gift we gave
We salute you with such honor
America the brave

Wreath now placed in honor
For all the world to see
No greater gift was given
Than spirit of the free.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission



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