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Thanksgiving is the time for spending time with family and friends. To thank the Lord for Jesus and the blessings given to us for the year and lifetime.

When I was a child we would go to my grandmother's house. All the Aunts, Uncles, cousins would all come. The women would be up early fixing food for the big meal. This was generally around 1 to 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

The rest of the family would be probably watching TV for the parades and football. I don't remember what the men did before TV, the kids usually played outside. I think the men discussed world affairs and would know how to solve them. I know the farmers would still have work to do. Most of my mother's family were farmers.

The Meal

The main meat was turkey sometimes goose. The dressing was a sweet dressing. There was candied yams, broccoli, lima beans and peas. Cranberry Ice which I have a recipe up for. A relish plate with green olives, black olives, celery sticks, and homemade pickles. Of course gravy.  Homemade rolls would also be served.

For dessert there were pumpkin and mincemeat pie.

After the meal we drew names of whom we were to give a present for at Christmas. The children even got adult names so it was an interesting mix. No one was to tell who they had drawn. We could not have a name of our immediate family, only aunts, uncles, cousins or grandmother. Then before everyone one left in the evening there would probably have been sandwiches and pie to eat. If there was too much for grandmother and my aunt who lived together then the leftovers would be passed out to be sent home.

Some good memories make Thanksgiving a special day in our family. Now we can't all be together as my family are all scattered across the US. But we keep in touch.

The very first Thanksgiving my husband and I had, we could not make it to my folks for Thanksgiving. We were living in a motel because my husband's job there wasn't going to last long enough to get an apartment. It had a kitchen in our room. I made the meal, well the food all got done on time except for the TURKEY!!!!! So we had it in courses! LOL I was so embarrassed but my husband was a trooper about it. He never brought it up to me in the years to come.

I hope you and your families have a great Thanksgiving, if not together then at least in spirit.

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November 2006


Painting is ŠPenny Parker, all rights reserved to the artist
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