Oh look at all the snow that hasn't been touched! What fun we can have making snowmen, Snowangels, and rolling in it. Grandmother will have some hot chocolate and cookies when we get cold.  Oh what wonderful memories.

Christmas is the time for families.

Home to Grandmother's house


What a wonderful place to be.

I can just smell the Molasses Cookies, Fritters, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Ice, Turkey and Dressing. Oh yes and that dreaded Mincemeat Pie.

Grandmother always worked so hard getting everything just right. She didn't have all the modern conveniences we so enjoy today.

All of us grandchildren couldn't wait to get to Grandmother's house. The time we spent at Grandmother's House was magical indeed.

The Cousins are all here! I wonder if you can pick me out. I will give you a hint, my brother and cousin had to hold me in place I didn't want to waste time getting my picture taken! Oh what happy memories.

Christmas is the time for families. To Grandmother's Living room click next below.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

God Bless All who come by here.

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