Welcome to my Grandmother's House.

I do live out in the woods of Alabama.

I love living out in the woods. I get to have the peace and quiet along with some very special animals that come along to visit me. In the Spring time which I just love the new beginning of the flowers and trees. I have several Dogwood trees all in white. My Azalea bush is now starting to really put on the show with its love pinkest red flower. I planted several rose bushes but they don't do well here. I really don't have a green thumb, in fact I killed Monkey Grass. No one can understand how I did that, neither do I ;-). I really miss the Lilacs we had in Nebraska, they don't grow here.

The animals I have here are typical for Alabama. I have seen Armadillo, Opossum and Raccoons. The rabbits! There is a large rabbit! This has to be as big as 4 or more cottontail rabbits!  I have heard they are called Swamp Rabbits. I don't know if that is for real or something like a Jackalope! I have 3 that come in to my yard, one large one that has the most white on it from the chin under the stomach to the tail, a smaller one with almost as much white and a smaller one with hardly any white on it. I talk to them and the closest they have come to me is about 6 feet. They don't pay any attention to my dog Missy a terrier mix. They will tease her pretend they are heading to her and stop before the length of her chain can reach.

I have birds galore here, several cardinals, finches, a woodpecker, and in the Spring a lovely bluebird. It is so lovely, I have found out it is called Indigo Bunting. I have also seen a White-Breasted Nuthatch. Hummingbirds are numerous here also. I have also the Yellowhammer, the state bird of Alabama.

Just last week I seen a Black Racer snake in my yard. The first one I have seen in my yard since moving down here 6 years ago. I am sure it and other snakes are around since I am surrounded by woods, just never seen one in the yard.

At first I wanted flowers around my mobile home but have since found out snakes like that to hide in.. So I haven't kept up the plantings around it. I live on one acre of land surrounded by at least 4 acres of woods.

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