Once we would have made
next-door neighbors,
sharing tea and troubles
in each other's kitchens,
laughing together over the clotheslines
in our backyards.

Once we might have had facing kitchens,
one each side of a shared driveway,
and we might have done dishes together,
you in your house,
me in mine,
smiling at each other through the windows.
I might have called you on the phone,
unless you called me first.

Once we might have helped each other
side by side,
planting gardens
or campaigning for our rights
or canning peaches
or choosing business suits and bathing suits.

Once, that's what neighbors did.
And it's not so different now.
I may not hear you laugh, but I know you do,
and I have laughed with you.
I've taken your advice, and given mine,
and shared encouragement and concern.
You talk me through my troubles
though I never hear your voice.
And though the doors to our homes may be far apart,
you're the next-door neighbor
of my heart.

-Poem by Janna Mauldin Heiner


My Dear Friend Shirl,
I cannot begin to tell you what having your friendship means to me,
You are a lovely lady, inside & out ....thank you for always, and I mean always being there for me,
you brighten my world, and make me smile with your thoughtfulness & caring...you are a blessing...

~Love Always~