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Theresa is one of my friends in the Tea Party who helped me get started in the Victorian web site.  She has made it a commercial site now. If you want to see what she is doing go visit.

Lady Dj has closed her doors.

Cadillac has closed

Whisper has a great site to see and beautiful graphics.


Hello there, I am Lady Shirl.
I am glad you came to visit my  home. Would you like some tea?
I am sure it will be ready in the tea room.
I hope you will enjoy your visit here. I have many rooms and secrets passages  for you to see.
I am not sure you can see it all in one visit though.  So be sure to come back. I also have my family genealogy for you to see. There is a Family Album of my family and ancestors.

Please feel free to wander down my hall and see it all. 


Oh look here, I just received an invite to a wedding. It is my son's wedding. Come along with me by clicking on the table.