I want to Sincerely Thank these Lovely Ladies and Gentleman for my Awards!! 
I am so very proud of these.

Sad to say it seems all these sites have closed.
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999

Hi Shirl!!:)  
Your pages are laid out very very nicely!:>)  They are everything these awards represent!   You've done a very good job in setting your pages up and I would be proud to have one of my awards displayed on your page so others will stop and take notice of  you're beautiful site:)
Congratulations Shirl!!! {}{}{}
  Lady Martha....A.K.A.  Marty
Thank You ever so much Lady Martha.
Thank You Lady Pearl.
Date:Wed, 3 Mar 1999

Dear Lady Shirl,

What a wonderful site you have.  I personally love Victorian myself, as if you didn't notice when visiting my site.

Not only am I pleased to give you my Excellence Award, but a special one besides.  It is only for sites of Victorian theme, and it can't be applied for.  Thank you for visiting my pages.

Lady Pearls

Thank You Marie of "Innovative Design".
Date:        3/3/99

Hello Shirl,
I will gladly send you this award also.  I enjoyed my visit. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this one also.

"Innovative Design"

Note: the other award she speaks of is on my Angels Among Us Page.
Thank You Dear Friend Liz.
Date: 3 Mar 1999

This is just a little something for all the effort you have done on your site.

God Bless


Thank You Meggie again.
Thank You Molly.
Date:        3/5/99

CONGRATULATIONS...You have won the "MOLLY" award... We have reviewed your web site and find it to meet all our criteria.
Your site has  interesting content, good use of backgrounds and images and adds value to the internet. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and hope you will accept this award as I do not have a calling card as of yet.

Again, Congratulations and...Keep up the good work... MOLLY

Thank You Toni.
Date: 7 Mar 1999

Hello Lady Shirl,

I am so happy that you have applied for my award as your site has "truly captivated the heart of Victorian Rituals".



Thank You Toni once again.
Thank You Meggie.
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 12:59:12 PST

Hi - I am pleased to give you the Golden Teapot Award.  Liked your site very much.  Let me know when you have it up and I will add you to my hall of winners page.
Date:        3/7/99

Hello Lady Shirl,

I am so happy that you have applied for my award as your site has "truly captivated the heart of My Victorian Page".
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 1999
You have a very lovely site - so I would like to present you with the Magical Teapot Award. The award is my latest one.

Congratulations & come back soon to the Tea Cozy!

Meggie Ag
Thank You Steve.
Date:Mon, 8 Mar 1999

Hello and Congratulations,
I have finished my review of your homesite for the Hallmark Award. It gives me great pleasure in announcing that you have made it. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and selecting your site. You have put much effort into it and should be commended.

Congratulations again, you have a wonderful site and deserve this award!

Yours truly,
Thank you Deanna.
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999

Hi Shirl,

Thank you for inviting me to visit your site. You have done a wonderful job! Great use of graphics, unique theme, and many interesting things to see on all your pages.

Congratulations! I am happy to present you with my Beautiful Site Award, and I hope you will display it proudly on your page, with a link back to my webpages. I will also be adding your link to my list of winners at my winners page.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity to visit your wonderful site, and keep up the good work! I tend to frequent my winners' sites from time to time, so I will be back to see what's new! Take care, and I hope you will continue to visit my site as well. :c)

Best Wishes,


Thank You Lady Starr and all the members of  Victorian Gathering Place!
What an honor!
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999
This Months Site of the Month Winner is Lady Shirl.. :)
Enclosed is your Logo Lady Shirl!!
Lady Starr
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