Let's put on our hats and go to a Special Tea Party. First of all I would like for you to meet the two ladies.  Come to our "Tea Party". Click on the hats on the left.
I have an Award Room!
I am so Proud!

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Tea Room
The Cameo Story
The Front Parlor
To Memories of Mother
To the Upper Hall
See My Lady's Chamber
My Lady's Office
My Lady's Bathing Chamber

Third Floor:
Family Music Room
Children's Playroom
Children's Room
Grandmother's Attic
The Sunroom
Family Sunday Afternoon
For the reopening of Cameo Manor we have a special treat for you. Musical and Dancing!
The New Music Room
Cameo's Ballroom
The Men's Parlor
To the Garden
Oh do visit the garden! I have not found a web page I like for this at this time.

To My Genealogy Office
It looks like a fine day for a picnic.
Click on the window!
Also I am providing you with a souvenir. You may take a Calling Card and/or a quilt square.
I hope you will tell your friends about my site.
If you have a calling card or a quilt square could you e-mail them to me? I would like a moment of your visit. I will put it up on a page with a link to your site if you would like.

Teresa has moved up in the world of graphic design. She has really grown in doing web page design.
Thank You May for my lovely e-mail:
My mother's framed picture from:

Sorry to say the ones below here have closed.
Doors by:
Calling Card by:
The Chandelier by:
The quit squares and plants provided by some dear friends.
Thank You

Is this a secret passage?