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These are stories that I wrote.
These are stories that Sandy Gorin* wrote.
They are used here by her permission.
Thank You Sandy for this opportunity to share your fine works.
These are stories that Christmas Researchers have sent.  If you have as story you would like to share, please e-mail me.
These are Stories to help you understand the history of ancestors.
These are hints to help you inturpert things you find during research.
Sandy Gorin* wrote these.
They are used here by her kind permission.
This is an execptional site. I have use a lot of her graphics.
She is a school teacher and spent a year in Korean teaching.
Besure to visit her site!
These are my tips on genealogy research and helps.
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Software Programs I use. This my ad page, I get no pay for this. I just want you to know the products I use in my genealogy work and web page making.
Everyone loves a mystery, don't they? At least I think genealogist do, that is part of the fun of it.  Here are some of my family mysteries, I hope you can help me with.

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You will find great things for genealogy web pages there.
I was given this great site called
Genealogy Encyclopedia
Here is an excerpt from there. Please vist the site for more things.
The following abbreviations are those most commonly used in
genealogical records.
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